Monday, October 22, 2012


Wanna experience something awesome? Go do a workout even when you think your body is telling you that it's not up for one that day.  Then, in the middle of that workout when you think you've had enough, push yourself further! When you're REALLY done, that is when you can sit back and take all that awesomeness in. Aren't you amazing? Wow, you're body can do some AWESOME things!

I often experience this awesomeness. Probably because only about 30% of the time do I really want to go workout. Seriously though. No matter what the workout may be... (running, yoga, spin, interval training, etc. etc.) something more attractive is always beckoning me (my warm bed, work, friends/family... the couch and cookies in cupboard, etc). It's only up to me to take control and fight the urge to curl back under the covers or leave work at a decent hour. It's also up to me to push myself further, even when I think I'm done.

Today was that kind of day. After almost 9 hours of work I headed to a rejuvenating and one of my most challenging yoga classes. I decided before I even arrived that I was going to "take it easy." I practiced the entire class at a lower level than normal until we were at the end of the practice and teacher instructed us to begin taking 3 back bends. Uh, not happening today was the first thought my mind was trying to communicate to my body... my body answered back with........ a full back bend!.... and then another and just.. 1... more! Yay! I did it. How did I do that when all through class I was telling myself I was too tired, that I should just take it easy... ? Well, I told my mind that I did not really come to this yoga class to "take it easy" and to be grateful for this healthy body that can do AWESOME things!

It seemed to have worked.

Happy Fitnessing!

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