Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tip :: Help I Have Blister!

Guys. Whether you run or not, I'm pretty sure everybody has had a blister on your foot or toe sometime in your life and you know it sucks, bad. If you do run you know that a tiny blister can put a huge damper in your training. Last week I was supposed to run 14 miles and only made it to seven before a little blister on my pinky toe prohibited me from taking another step. The next week I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to make the full distance of my long run. I headed to the store the night before my long run to find some Moleskin to cover my blister. I'm not joking when I say they seriously didn't have any. Dang it! But then out of the corner of my eye I saw a cute little package that said "Help I have a blister." I was totally thinking those exact words so it must have been meant to be and they only had one box left! I snagged it and I'm telling you it is the best thing I've ever used for a blister. So here's my Tuesday Tip, if you have a blister, use this! I think the pack cost me $3. Enjoy!

Happy Fitnessing!

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