Monday, May 20, 2013

Post NYC Detox

^^These hockey puck shaped cheesecakes changed our lives^^

 ^^Pizza, pizza, PIZZA! Eric ate at least one slice a day^^

^^My favorite Whole Foods and Falafel^^

^^The famous KATZ Deli^^

^^Coconut Curry ice cream?? SO GOOD!^^

^^Fresh cinnamon doughnut from the farmers market & a quick stop at Laduree for macarons^^

^^Crumb cupcakes^^

 ^^Fresh pasta and pastries in Little Italy^^

^^Brooklyn Ice Cream factory - SO FRESH! and you just gotta stop at a hot dog cart^^

^^I did NOT eat this... but I really wanted too^^

As you can see our trip to NYC was all about the food. Other than the giant Sweet Tarts, we didn't hold back much. After all, it was a vacation and a time to do things different than you would at home.

Just a few of the liquids we'll be loading up on this week. 
Now it's time for a some detox and cleansing this week. Eric will be doing it with me as well. I'll be updating with recipes and our progress. It's also taper time as it is 3 weeks until my marathon. Time to rest and get back down to my ideal racing weight while still loading up on nutrient dense and healthy foods. Sadly, I am no longer on vacation... :)

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. looks like you guys had so much fun! we need to play soon so i can hear all about it!!

  2. Oh my gosh I wanted to eat my phone