Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tip :: Working Out While Traveling

Even when traveling, it is important for me to continue to work out in order to stay on track with my goals. This past week while we were in NYC I was able to get my workouts in everyday! I ran in Central Park and did Pilates & yoga in the hotel fitness room. Because I continued with my scheduled workouts, when I returned home I was able to jump right back into my regular routine. Here are a few tips for maintaining your fitness routine while on vacation or traveling.

Let it Be Known!* Make sure your travel buddies understand how important your daily workout is no matter where you are. You may be on a vacation but you don't have to be on a vacation from your fitness and if your friends and family understand that they will be less likely to try to get in the way of your workout plans.

Do Your Research* Before you leave home check out where you're staying and what kind of workout will be available to you. Most hotels have fitness rooms and facilities. If I'm staying in a hotel I always like to check out their fitness rooms online if possible to get an idea of what is available. When I stay with friends or family I will usually just run outside or head to the nearest community rec center.

Take a Resting Day* Depending on what my fitness goals are and how long I'll be traveling for, I will sometimes rotate my workout schedule around so that my rest and recovery day falls during my vacation. Or sometimes I'll even take an extra resting day. I really don't like to go more than two days without working out though.

In a Pinch?* If you don't have a lot of options for an outdoor workout, and your hotel room doesn't have fitness room, you can do a quick fitness video via youtube or fitnessmagazine.com (etc.) on your laptop or smartphone. I have been in a pinch like that before and did a 15 minute workout in my hotel room. Even though it was quick and not ideal, I still felt better that I did something rather than nothing.
Running in Central Park with Olivia
Happy Fitnessing!

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