Sunday, May 26, 2013

Three Day Cleanse & Detox Plan

After a week in NYC eating everything in sight It was time for a little internal spring cleaning. Eric and I both just felt like our digestive systems needed a break so here is our own little 3 day cleanse we did together.

Day 1: Woke up hungry, dang it! I love breakfast and the fact that it was Monday AND I was on a cleanse made it a sad, sad morning. I decided to be happy anyway, even after my chia kombucha committed suicide all over me! Man, those things sure are explosive so consider yourself warned. I really didn't drink a lot of juice this day as I was considering it as kind of a fasting day - I just felt like that is what I needed. Of course I drank a lot of water throughout the day though. I really enjoyed yoga that night. It had been a while since I had done a full practice and the cleanse and practicing yoga seemed to go hand in hand. I was on a serious high after class. :) That night I went to bed and my stomach kept me from falling asleep. I was really hungry! I finally drifted into a lovely deep sleep... until I had to wake up 3 times to use the bathroom :/

Breakfast * 16 oz Chia Kombucha
Lunch * 16 oz Green drink {celery, apple, kale and lemon}
Snack *  Coconut water with aloe drink
Dinner * Red drink {carrot, beet, celery and ginger}

Day 2: Started the day out with a big drink of water and made an almond milk shake. I felt rested and fresh but a little weak. Luckily I wasn't hungry and was able to resist all the amazing food that was being served during a morning meeting at work. After the meeting and my somewhat satisfying shake I was feeling really good! Later that day I ate a little bit of quinoa and an apple for lunch with a friend just because I hate meeting somebody for lunch and then they don't eat anything... lame. I washed it down with some ginger kombucha. After work I was able to make it through an intense run... although I did lower the intensity a little bit from what I usually do because I was cleansing and didn't want to risk making myself sick. The Pineorpple drink I picked up at work before running seemed to give me just enough spike to get me through it. It sure was yummy too!! That night for dinner I had my red drink and avocado and tomato on a thin slice of sour dough rye bread. It felt like I had eaten Thanksgiving dinner! Ha ha it sure was yummy.

Breakfast * 16 oz Almond Milk shake
Lunch * 1/2 cup quinoa + 1 apple + Ginger kombucha
Pre-workout snack * Pineorrple juice {Pineapple, apple orange}
Dinner * 1/2 avocado + 1/2 tomato on sourdough rye bread + Red drink

Day 3: Woke up super hungry and excited to have an almond milk shake with a banana and peanut butter in it. The third day I decided to add more solid food. Yay! I had the same lunch as the day before because I loved it so much and for dinner, well same as the day before too. Felt great! Was able to fit a great workout in as well! After dinner I even treated myself to some oatmeal with almond milk and honey!

Breakfast * 16oz Almond milk shake with a boost!
Lunch * 1/2 cup quinoa + 1 apple + 16 oz Green drink {celery, apple, kale and lemon}
Pre-workout snack * Apple chips + apple cider vinegar drink
Dinner * 1/2 avocado + 1/2 tomato on sourdough rye bread + Red drink
Snack * Oatmeal in Almond milk + cinnamon and honey

Happy Fitnessing!

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