Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tips:: My Favorite Tops

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I'm sharing with you my favorite workout tops. I've tried a few in my day and have decided on what works for me so here goes.

When looking for a workout top I'm all about comfort, but how the shirt looks on me is big deal too. Most of the time I workout in the mornings without any make up and looking a little tired so it helps if at least the shirt I'm wearing is attractive. ha!

Eric bought me this top from Gap Body. It took a little while but it totally grew on me and now I think this may be my favorite. I love tops with built in bras. I know a lot of girls don't care much for them because they are more well endowed than me but I just need light support and I'm good to go. This top has exactly that and it rests so lightly on my shoulders.

This Livfit (now known as Kiava) number is probably my best sweat wicking top and is the most unique too. (Last seen here) I love the styles of these tops and I'm currently craving this one. The thing about these tops though is they look best paired with their sports bra, which is fine by me because their endurance sports bra is the best! Plus it's totally flattering so it's worth the investment.
I think I've worn this shirt more than any of the others and it is merely just because I think the color looks good on me.. ? I guess the fabric is pretty nice too. It is very light and well insulated. 

This C9 top from Target is another favorite but may not be a favorite for girls with curvy upper bodies :) I love how cozy it feels but it does not wick away sweat so I rarely run it it. It is my go to shirt for yoga and lighter workouts. It is totally affordable and I have a few of them now. (See me in a striped version here)
While I am in love with Lululemon's style and quality the two supported tops I own I'm not as much in love with. (my favorite of the two pictured below) They are too tight on the shoulders (even after trying different sizes) so I don't wear them as often. From now on I will be staying away from their supported tops but I love LOVE their bottoms (post to come soon).

With fall just around the corner I've already got my eye on a couple long sleeve shirts. I only have a 1 or 2 in my collection now and they are essential for cold weather running.

Happy Fitnessing!

What are your favorite workout tops? 

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