Monday, September 23, 2013

41 Hours with My Sister

Shenelle and I like to joke when we talk on the phone, she says "can you come over tonight?" I say, "sure! See you in a couple hours!" Then we both cry a little inside and out because it's not really happening and we miss each other so much!

This weekend that wasn't the original plan but it's kind of what happened. 

I had a scheduled flight to visit her for her birthday from Friday to Monday and was bugged, yet not entirely surprised that my Friday flight was cancelled (I was already a little bit weary of this whole flying out of the Provo airport deal) and rescheduled for Saturday. That meant less than a 48 hour trip but I didn't care, totally worth it! And  worth the free voucher to do it again too! I was happy to at least be there on Sunday for her birthday. 
Shameless selfie in the airport bathroom. 

We didn't take a ton of pics together, and we usually don't because our time mostly consists of food and constant snuggling and nobody wants to see repeated pics of that! My sisters and I are all close and obsessed with each other so we're often found holding hands and cuddling, especially when we don't get to see each other a lot. 

In addition to all the sister love, this trip included Indian food in Berkley, The Coit Tower in San Francisco, more Indian food at the farmers market in Palo Alto and shopping and a birthday dinner in San Jose. Dang! We covered almost the whole Bay Area in a short visit. Go us! 

Streets of Berkley 
Two of my faves
View from the top
She didn't know I was really taking pics :)
Finally ate our club 33 chocolate we'd been saving since Disneyland 1.5 years ago haha it was gross!
Fresh herbs at the farmers market.
Had my fair share of fresh concord grapes
I have expensive taste and always manage to fall in love with the most expensive item in every store. I need to stay away from Nordstrom

Now I'm on the plane heading back to Utah. It sure is hard to keep up the motivation to eat healthy and workout when traveling, even when it's only a couple days. Luckily, Shenelle understands how important it is and she makes a healthy lifestyle as much of a priority as I do so yesterday we practiced yoga together and this morning she made me a shake and sent me with some healthy travel snacks which included an apple, Clif Bar and kale chips. It also helps when you travel to a place that is a meca for health food. 
Stay hydrated! Even if it costs you $3.50 at the airport-- see, I always mange 
to find the most expensive item.
Now let's hope these Kale chips give me super powers to carry me through today's work and some speed training tonight.

Happy Fitnessing!

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