Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Salads and Spinning

Work has been busy busy lately. When will it settle down?! I hope soon because my workouts have been suffering. I'm still doing some kind of workout every day (except Sundays) but my mind isn't totally invested. It's usually stuck at work or focused on some area of my domestic life I feel like I'm neglecting. 

Oh yeah, and I'm running a freaking marathon in 10 days!! We'll think about that later... Like in nine days. 

Yesterday I went to a spin class. I left early after 30 minutes. Not because I had to be somewhere else or was too exhausted to finish... No, the reason for my early departure was due to the very excited and very smelly neighbor spinning on my right. Every time the fan rotated towards us I thought I was going to puke. Really though, it was so bad it was making me nauseous. I didn't want to move to a bike across the room, far away from him cause he would probably have said something to me like "I don't bite... Too hard!" In front of the whole class. He was pretty obnoxious. So I just left and did some Pilates at home. 

Later I ate my a new favorite dinner for the 2nd time this week. 
Fresh mixed greens with salmon, pine nuts, olive oil and lemon juice. Ummm, yum! I even used canned salmon (vital choice brand) and my oh my that stuff is actually real good!

I've been trying to eat more salad. I usually don't like making salad but if it is easy, interesting and yummy then I am willing to put in a little effort. 

If you have any EASY salad recipes please share!

Happy Fitnessing!

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  1. that salad sounds amazing!! A N D i couldn't stop laughing at your gym experience :D haha classic.
    p.s. are you preggers??? [smell + nausea = lots of prego peeps] i'm just sayin' ..
    love you!!!