Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Injuries Suck and Lettuce Wraps Don't

Uh, oh. I've got some nasty pain near my right 5th metatarsal.

I started feeling it right after I finished running the Timp half in July and it's been off and on light pain until immediately after I crossed the finish line of the St. George Marathon 10 days ago. Since then the outside of my right foot has ached by the end of the day and anytime I stand or walk for longer than 5 minutes.

Injuries suck but as a runner, it's really hard to avoid them.

I just hope it's not something serious. I should probably get it checked out ASAP. Until I get it figured out it's going to have to just be yoga, pilates and spin for me. I went to Zumba last night and wanted to die after jumping and dancing around for an hour. I knew I shouldn't have done it but I really wanted to hang out with Larissa.
Can we please talk about how cute her little bump is and how I am so proud of her for working out everyday even when she is 7 months pregnant! Go Larissa!

Tonight I made a staple in the Hansen house. Lettuce wraps. I just sauté ground turkey with mushrooms, Tamari, red wine vinegar, and Cholula. I season it with Realsalt, pepper, red pepper flakes, onion salt and ginger powder. Wrap it up in lettuce and toss some avocado on it (because I'm kind of obsessed with those amazing green veggies) and TA-DUH! Dinner!
I've probably mentioned that I hate cooking but this meal is easy and Eric and I both love it! Bonus:: it's a healthy meal too. Yay!

Happy Fitnessing!


  1. Do you have measurements for everything or just sprinkle it in? Sounds delish

    1. Hey Kelly! I don't really measure, just sprinkle sprinkle to taste:)