Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween with Thor and Spider Girl

We had a great Halloween this year! I started the day off a way I always regret... NOT working out in the morning. BIG thumbs down! Both Eric and I celebrated a little at work with a pot luck for customers and employees at Real Foods and a pizza party at Silhouette America (Eric's job).
I made Sue dress up for work :) Cutest. Minnie. Ever! 
After work we did the traditional out to dinner with our friends and then off to our place to watch scary movies and the always favorite Nightmare Before Christmas. I know some of you probably think that movie is creepy. I used to as well, but then I gave it another chance and totally loved it. You gotta watch it on Halloween. Although, I'm not going to deny that the Mayor that can flip his head around seriously freaks me out. I really don't recommend that movie to kids under the age of 18. :) ANYWAY...
Before we went to our house we stopped at a park and Eric, or should I say, Thor, graced us with his rendition of a scary murder story. If you know Eric then you can just imagine how that went down. He used a flashlight and made us close our eyes and everything. Oh, and then he made us run away from him like he was a murderer coming after us. I sure love my entertaining husband.
Thor chasing us... so freaky, I did not like this.
Scary friends with scary eyes.
I ate a big handful of my favorite naughty candy ever: Sour Patch Kids and went to bed way too late... not sure it was worth it because I felt like crap all day Friday, but we had a great time!

Btw - Sister Salcido wanted me to tell everyone Happy Halloween!

Tell me your favorite candy?

What did you do for Halloween?

What is your favorite scary movie?
  Happy Fitnessing!

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